High Performance Conveyor Pulleys

Manufacturing conveyor pulleys weighing up to 7 tonnes and capable of handling up to 6,000 tonnes per hour, Wm Hardill has an established reputation for longevity, performance and reliability, supplying bulk mechanical handling companies across the UK and into Europe.

The company specialises in high quality, long life pulleys designed for extended working life in harsh and abrasive environments such as granite quarries, mines and port facilities.

Products designed and manufactured by Wm Hardill include:-

Engineered Class

    • Drive pulleys
    • Snub pulleys
    • Bend pulleys
    • Tail pulleys
    • GTU pulleys
    • Tripper pulleys
    • Elevator Head pulleys
    • Boot pulleys

Setting Torque on Conveyor Pulleys

All conveyor pulleys are individually designed to match specific operating conditions and environments, and can be manufactured in all configurations including spiral, wing type and internal bearing designs.

  • For use in acidic environments or near magnetic separators, Wm Hardill offers a range of stainless steel pulleys
  • Pulleys can be supplied with a full range of rubber, polyurethane & ceramic lagging


Specialist Conveyor Drums

Wm Hardill also manufactures a comprehensive selection of conveyor drums for use with steel bands and mesh belts in industries as diverse as steel, chemicals and foodstuffs.

  • Conveyor drums manufactured from mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other materials on request
  • Conveyor drums are available with an extensive choice of coverings to meet individual specifications including rubber, polyurethane, chrome, ceramics and carbides
  • Drums can be supplied with food quality rubber coverings
  • Drums can be manufactured and supplied in any diameter up to 1800mm